Shipping your bike for
IRONMAN New Orleans

Services available

Basic assembly; Receive, build, re-box and ship $175.00 plus actual freight charges

Assembly plus Tune-up; 250.00

Return only (you will bring your bike to the event); Pick up bike after event, Re-box and ship $100.00 plus actual freight charges

Deliver at event only (you will bring your bike home after the event); Receive, build, and deliver at event $100.00

If you are traveling to New Orleans for the Ironman and need to ship your bike please follow these instructions;

  1. BulletWe strongly recommend taking your bike to your local bicycle shop and having it professionally packed. We have many horror stories about bikes packed at a shipping store. If it's done at a bicycle shop there will be much less risk of damage, and you can rest assured that you will not encounter additional assembly charges related to improper disassembly or packing. Click for more info on assembly...

  2. BulletBikes must be received by the specified time. When you make the reservation we will send you an e-mail telling you what date we'll need the bike here. The longer you wait, the earlier you'll need to ship. Please bear in mind that this is the date we'll need to receive the bike, not the date you need to ship. See the bottom of the page for the current receive date.

  3. BulletUnless your arrange for additional services you should expect to receive your bike from us in the same condition it was in before it was packed. If your chain was worn out before, it will still be worn out. If your rear brake was squealing, it's still gonna squeal! We will do some minor adjustments during re-assembly, but if it has any significant problems you should arrange ahead of time for a tune-up.

  4. BulletPlease complete the form as soon as possible to reserve a spot. There is a limit to how many we can build in such a short period of time.

  5. BulletTune-up service does not include parts. If you schedule a tune-up, and your bike needs $30.00 or less in parts, we will install them and charge you. If your bike needs more than $30.00 in parts we will attempt to contact you before continuing the work. If you will not be easily contacted during the week before the event we encourage you to set this limit higher. You may do this on the shipping request form. Click for more info on tune ups...

  6. BulletThe basic service, which will include receiving the bike, assembling it, re-boxing it and shipping it after the event will cost 175.00 plus actual freight. Click for more info on assembly...

  7. BulletWe will perform all of the services above, plus give your bike a Tune-up, for 250.00 Click for more info on tune ups... 

  8. BulletWe will deliver your bike at bike check in. We will have a booth there and you will have an opportunity to test ride your bike before checking it in. If you need your bike before that please contact us to make special arrangements.

  9. BulletAfter the event we will pick up your bike at transition. Please plan on checking in with us at transition after the event. If you would prefer to take your bike you will need to make arrangements to get it back to us later.

If you reserve your spot today we will need to receive your bike by

April 13, 2015

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